The History

Panorama Products BuildingPanorama Products Co. was established in 1966 by Ed Vago as a decorative and commercial lighting manufacturer, specializing in custom decorative lighting. In 1982, the Company was approached to create lighting for an exhibit system, and since then, display lighting manufacturing has been the focus of the business.

The success of Panorama Products is not only due to the variety and quality of its products, but how the Company evolves to suit the needs of the market. In 1990, there was a shift in demand from incandescent lighting to halogen lighting, as one halogen light was able to replace two incandescent bulbs on the display systems. Thus, Panorama Products introduced various 200 watt Halogen bulbs in its designs. This, along with its competitive pricing, contributed greatly to the success of the company in display light manufacturing as these lights were highly suited to the new Pop-up systems which were in such great demand in the exhibit market.

Now that there is once again a shift in the display industry, this time towards the LED light, Panorama Products is once again evolving to include these eco-friendly lights in its designs. LED lights are energy-saving, cooler running and as a result much safer. Panorama Products supports the trend towards energy saving products such as these so our Research and Development team is concentrating on various types of LED lights for the exhibitor displays.

The People

Ed Vago (Founder, Owner):
Ed Vago left his native Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, enduring risks and hardships to bring his young family to Canada in the hopes of fulfilling his entrepreneurial dreams.

As an employee of the National Telephone Company, Ed designed the first portable radio produced in Hungary in 1954. This accomplishment led to his entrance into Philco in Toronto, Ontario, to oversee the production assembly line of car radios supplied to Ford. Ed left a promising career with Phillco to start his own company, Panorama Products.

George Vago (Owner):
Ed’s son, George Vago, worked alongside his father throughout his early adolescence. While going to school, he joined his dad on a daily basis to assist with running the business. George’s love for the business outweighed his dream of pursuing his studies in Electrical Engineering at Ryerson Polytechnic: the lessons learned by his dad’s side have been invaluable. While Ed focused on Research and Development, George became the administrative and sales force for the company. George slowly became the face of Panorama Products, developing relationships with new clientele throughout North America.